Charles Bédard, Sr. was born only a few blocks from where the Jukaido-Kan Ju-Jutsu dojo stands in Verdun today. He was a small boy who was picked on by bigger kids, and he set out to learn martial arts so he could take his revenge on the bullies.

After fifty years as a master of martial arts Soke Bédard has had his revenge, and then some. It was not in returning the beatings. It was not in striking fear in the hearts of his oppressors – although this unassuming man is a formidable opponent, and a strict teacher who makes his students reach for the very best inside themselves to gain his approval.

Soke Bédard has created a martial arts style that is complete. It permits the Jutsuka to face the challenges of self-defence in the real world outside the dojo – to fight standing or on the ground, to defend against kicks, punches, grabs and even weapons. Soke has also built an extended family that includes thousands of students, who both revere him and love him greatly.

Only half of his heart works today, he says. The other half he gave to his students, a piece at a time.

Shihan Charles Bedard, Jr. was born into Jukaido-Kan, the son of its founder. His lifelong dream was to follow in his father’s footsteps, to become a master of martial arts and to find the same fierce loyalty in his students that his father found before him. After almost four decades of practice in the martial arts, Shihan Bedard is both loved and respected. He has stepped into his father’s shoes, taking over as President of the International Jukaido-Kan Ju-Jutsu Association.

Shihan is at the dojo rain or shine, and never misses a class even when he is ill. He is patient and always ready to help a student any way he can. But as much as he is friend, he drives his students to always reach for more. We are forever students of martial arts, he says. We must strive to constantly improve ourselves. Practice a technique two thousand times and you may begin to know it. For true mastery, practice more.

His quest now is to promote the style, and to move Jukaido-Kan into the mainstream. There are so many people in the world who could benefit from learning self-defense. There are many more projects to do, thousands more steps to take. Shihan is committed to taking them.

This web site is dedicated to these two men, father and son, who have given freely of their talents and their hearts and asked so little in return. Commitment, an honest effort, and respect for the art are the asking price for a would-be Jutsuka. The training is theirs, if they can show even a fraction of the devotion their masters have.

We welcome you to our home on the web. Please take a look around and get to know us better. We hope to see you at the dojo in the near future!


Jukaido-Kan Ju-Jutsu